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Seller Information:

*Seller Information, Policies, and Notices*
It is the seller's responsibility to translate and understand the following:
(Es la responsabilidad del vendedor para traducir y entender lo siguiente:)

        Per Day Prices:

$0.10 per square foot of Ground space, not including Table 
        10'x10' space = $10.00, 10'x20' space= $20.00, 20'x20' space= $40.00
         Each 100 square foot includes a parking space for one vehicle

$10.00 for Table (Table space only)- includes one parking space (8’x 20’)
           Each table includes 8’ by 24’ of total space (table and parking space)

$10.00 for 10'x10' Canopy rental (limited availability)

(Additional fees may apply as described herein)

        Payment Procedure:

• Jefferson Junction representatives will begin collecting payments at 9:00 a.m. 

• It is the seller’s responsibility to be at booth to pay.

• Jefferson Junction reserves the right to charge a $5.00 per trip service fee if multiple visits are required to collect payment.

• Seller is responsible for obtaining proof of payment, if needed.

• Identification is required if paying with check.  Returned Check fee is $30.00. 

• No Credit or Debit Cards accepted at this time.

• Jefferson Junction does not offer reservations.

        While on the premises, we ask that a few general policies be followed:

Children under 16 years old must be supervised by a parent/guardian/adult caretaker.

Drive carefully and safely at ALL times. Speed bumps are present throughout property.

Park safely, using parking brakes (chock blocks if necessary).

There shall be NO alcohol or illegal drugs on property.

Please be respectful when smoking (or chewing).

Please help take care of the bathrooms. Inform JJ representatives of any issues or concerns with facilities.

ILLEGAL merchandise shall NOT be sold on property.

Sellers are responsible for maintaining required licenses and permits.

Please report any problems/issues to JJ representatives. This could include damaged table, hazardous condition (such as dead tree or limb, trip hazard, problematic seller or customer), and anything else that may lead to unsafe or unpleasant experiences at Jefferson Junction.

        Please note that:

Jefferson Junction, LLC, its owners, employees, and other representatives, along with the Property Owner and Property Owner representatives, shall not be held responsible or liable for any personal injury, damage to personal property, or loss of personal property that occurs at Jefferson Junction, LLC. 

Anyone entering Jefferson Junction, LLC, does so at their own risk.

Jefferson Junction, LLC does not validate sellers or inspect items being sold. While we do promote honesty, integrity, and quality, Jefferson Junction, LLC cannot offer guarantees/warranties for items purchased. However, Jefferson Junction, LLC will not knowingly continue relationships with sellers who repeatedly cause negative experiences.

Jefferson Junction, LLC does NOT provide security at property.  

M & M Pet Store and M & M Landscaping are separate entities from Jefferson Junction, LLC. Jefferson Junction, LLC leases the building and surrounding areas to them through a legal agreement. Other than that, there is no relationship between businesses, owners, or representatives.

---------------Table/Ground Space Rental Policies---------------

JJ representatives will begin collecting payments at 9:00 a.m. It is the seller’s responsibility to be at booth to pay. Jefferson Junction reserves the right to charge a $5.00 per trip service fee if multiple visits are required to collect payment.

Sellers are responsible for leaving their table/space clean. 

Jefferson Junction provides receptacles and dumpsters for reasonable amounts of trash and cardboard. However, we require cardboard boxes to be broken down and trash to be placed in or at provided receptacles.

Sellers who repeatedly generate excessive amounts of trash/cardboard may be charged a reasonable disposal fee to offset the costs of extra dumpster pickups.

Sellers who sell items that have wrappers, sticks, and other articles of debris that customers leave all over the property are required to help collect such debris. Otherwise, Jefferson Junction reserves the right to charge reasonable service fees to the sellers who produce the debris.

Walking isles must have approximately 10 feet of clear space between rows of tables, excluding trash receptacles and trees. Canopies, merchandise, etc. must remain at tables to maintain this clearance.

Each table includes the area of the table (8’x4’) and one parking space (8’x20’). Sellers can utilize the space on the table, under the table, and behind the table- AS LONG AS the merchandise or vehicle does not exceed the 8’x24’ total area. For safe passage for sellers’ vehicles, we must enforce these limits. If a second table is rented, and only vehicle is on the premises, then that 8’x20’ space behind the second table can be used as sales space for merchandise. Since each table only includes one parking space, if a second vehicle/trailer is present, then a second table must be rented. Otherwise, the area of the vehicle/trailer may be measured and charged as ground space if the table is located in an area where the vehicle/trailer can be parked, or if the vehicle/trailer can be parked elsewhere within sellers’ section (whichever is cheaper). Sellers cannot park vehicles/trailers in public parking areas.  We want as many customers to be able to park as possible.

Ground space areas include a parking space for ONE vehicle per 100 square feet of rented space. TRAILERS- if trailer present, then it may be measured and charged as sales space, unless 200 square feet or more ground space is rented (whichever is cheaper). Vehicles/trailers cannot park in public parking areas. We want as many customers to be able to park as possible.

ONLY LICENSED DEALERS may sell pets/animals, including, but not limited to, dogs, cats, birds, and chickens. Jefferson Junction must have a copy of dealer’s license prior to set up and dealer must keep a copy at their table/space.

Unless food service permits are submitted to Jefferson Junction, the only food/drinks that are currently allowed to be sold are prepackaged items, which are manufactured, sealed and labeled at a properly licensed facility.  

Anyone selling plants, produce, or other agricultural products must maintain the required licenses, if applicable, which may be obtained from the GA Department of Agriculture.  A copy of the license must be provided to Jefferson Junction prior to set up and seller must keep a copy at their table/space.

Jefferson Junction does not permit the reservation of tables, or “table saving.” Rocks, cones, tarps, etc. do not carry any meaning. Currently, Jefferson Junction offers two options for securing table(s)/space- Monthly Prepay and Sunday Prepay.

Jefferson Junction offers monthly prepay, so that a seller can pay the table(s)/space rental fees for the entire month at the first of the month. This option secures the table(s)/space for the month, but has limitations that are described in the monthly prepay agreement. If seller isn’t present and hasn’t contacted JJ staff by 8:00 am each morning to confirm that he/she is coming, then Jefferson Junction may rent the table(s)/space to people waiting for table(s)/space once all open tables and space are taken. No refunds.

Jefferson Junction offers Sunday prepay, so that sellers can pay the table(s)/space rental fees for the weekend when Saturday rent payment is collected and have the same table(s)/space secured for Sunday. Tables/space are still first come-first choice for Saturdays, except for monthly prepaid tables. No Refunds. Please note there are four requirements for this option: 
    -1) Seller must be in good standing, regarding payment and rules/policies
    -2) Additional $5.00 per table/space (up to $10.00) must be paid to cover cost of labeling and monitoring- 1table/100sqft             will cost $25.00 for the weekend, 2 tables/200 sqft will cost $50.00, 3 tables/300 sqft=$70, 4/400=$90...               
    -3) Seller must be at table/space by 8:00 am on Sunday, or contact JJ representative to provide estimated time of arrival.

Jefferson Junction does NOT provide security. Leave your items during the weekend at your own risk.

All canopies, tents, temporary structures, tarps, merchandise, equipment, etc. must be removed from property by 6:00 p.m. on Sundays. Anything remaining on the property on Monday mornings may be removed by JJ representatives.

Anyone entering Jefferson Junction, LLC does so at their own risk. Although we make every effort to ensure a safe environment, 
we cannot always control the negligent or unscrupulous actions of people, children, pets, and attendees' property.

 Comments, Suggestions, Complaints

Please contact Shawn Watson, owner of Jefferson Junction, with any comments, suggestions, or complaints. 

Direct email: jeffersonjunctionga@gmail.com