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Cell:    678-943-3949
Office: 706-693-0055
 Comments, Suggestions, Complaints

Please contact Shawn Watson, owner of Jefferson Junction, with any comments, suggestions, or complaints. 

Direct email: jeffersonjunctionga@gmail.com

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Anyone entering Jefferson Junction, LLC does so at their own risk.  Although we make every effort to ensure a safe environment, 
we cannot always control the negligent or unscrupulous actions of people, children, pets, and attendees' property.

Mission Statement
Jefferson Junction will maintain a safe, low cost, comfortable and friendly environment to support our vendors' sales and continuous participation. Simultaneously, we will maintain a safe, clean and convenient environment to ensure patrons’ positive experiences and repetitive attendance.

Action Items
 Actions that correspond to our Mission Statement

1: Be professional, courteous, fair and helpful. Do not be rude, obnoxious, insulting, or vulgar.
2: Look for opportunities to be helpful, not just opportunities to complain or reprimand.
3: Be NICE. No matter what someone does or says- be NICE. Don’t assume that they have bad intentions.
     Usually, ignorance is to blame and we CANNOT be rude and unfriendly to this.  
4: Maintain neat and clean facilities- restrooms, trash/rock pickup and lawn/weed maintenance.
5: Eliminate and prevent ants, wasps, snakes and any other pests that are problematic.
6: Stay focused on maintaining safety, comfort, convenience and friendliness. Not necessarily enforcing rules.   
7: If you must enforce rules, be NICE and keep it PRIVATE. Explain why we have the rule and how it affects people.
8: Build rapport with all vendors and patrons.
9: Continuously ask vendors and patrons for feedback, opinions and suggestions.
10: Look at every conversation, transaction, confrontation, etc. from the other person’s perspective.
   Treat them as you would want to be treated if the roles were reversed.
11: Avoid negative transactions with vendors and patrons if possible. Word of mouth can be our best or worse advertisement. It takes approximately ten positive experiences to offset 1 negative experience. Undoubtedly, we will have negative transactions. We can keep them to a minimum by adhering to 1-10.
12: Stay focused on the “big picture” and how we will achieve the above Mission Statement. Don’t get caught up in the negative occurrences of each day, such   as incorrect parking, someone using 5 extra square feet of sales space, someone being rude to you or other potentially offensive actions.
13: Remember that it will take ALL of us to be successful- Owners, Managers, Operators, Vendors and Patrons. If we forget that, then we ALL will fail.